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Workshop Details

There will be two opportunities for summit attendees to participate in two breakout sessions, including interactive workshops and informative panel discussions. These have been divided into three tracks that focus on individual, interpersonal, and institutional topics related to youth mental health. Details for the workshops can be found below.

Individual Track


Healing Centered Leadership

"Healing Centered Leadership" is a transformative workshop that brings together a panel of revered community and organizational leaders. Join us as they share their profound experiences and expertise in leading from a trauma-informed and healing centered lens. Discover powerful strategies, tools, and insights to cultivate compassionate, inclusive, and resilient leadership practices that prioritize the holistic well-being and healing of individuals and communities. Gain the inspiration and knowledge needed to create transformative change and foster environments where healing and growth thrive.


From Pen to Purpose: Personal Storytelling for Change

"From Pen to Purpose: Personal Storytelling for Change" is a dynamic workshop designed to empower attendees in harnessing the power of personal storytelling to drive institutional change. Through interactive sessions and expert guidance, participants will explore and reflect on the art of storytelling, understanding its impact on individuals and communities. Gain practical tools and techniques to craft and share personal narratives that ignite empathy, challenge biases, and inspire transformative shifts within institutions, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.



Transformative Self-Care for Community Healers

"Transformative Self-Care for Community Healers" is an empowering workshop featuring a panel discussion that offers attendees transformative strategies to care for themselves while serving others. Join us as our esteemed panelists share their expertise and insights on cultivating sustainable self-care practices, setting healthy boundaries, and nurturing personal well-being. Engage in meaningful discussions and gain practical tools to enhance resilience, prevent burnout, and foster long-term well-being as you continue to make a positive impact in your community.


Playing, Healing, Thriving: Games and Energizers for Reflection & Connection

"Playing, Healing, Thriving" is an enchanting workshop that invites attendees to create intentional spaces for personal and interpersonal connection. Led by revered conveners and facilitators, this dynamic and engaging session will introduce a variety of games and energizers designed to spark deep personal reflection and build bridges between participants. Discover the transformative power of play as a catalyst for healing, fostering meaningful connections, and igniting joy and growth. Join us on this magical journey of self-discovery and community building.

Interpersonal Track


Challenging the Power Dynamic: Strategies
for Youth Led Work

Join us for an engaging workshop on "Challenging the Power Dynamic: Strategies for Youth Led Work," where we will explore innovative approaches for organizations to effectively collaborate with young people, shifting the power dynamic and fostering genuine youth empowerment. Gain practical insights, tools, and strategies to dismantle traditional hierarchies, amplify youth voices, and create lasting systemic change through meaningful youth engagement.


Improving the Ecosystem for LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health

Discover actionable steps to enhance the mental health ecosystem for LGBTQ+ youth in our workshop, "Improving the Ecosystem for LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health." Join us as we delve into strategies for mental health practitioners, programs, and educational institutions to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for LGBTQ+ young people. Gain valuable insights, best practices, and practical tools to foster a safe and affirming space, ensuring the well-being and resilience of LGBTQ+ youth.



The Promises of Racial Socialization in Supporting the Psychological Well-Being of Youth of Color

Join renowned expert Dr. Shawn Jones in an illuminating workshop, "The Promises of Racial Socialization in Supporting the Psychological Wellbeing of Youth of Color." Gain invaluable insights into the critical role of racial socialization in fostering the mental and emotional wellness of young people of color. Explore evidence-based strategies, practical tools, and empowering approaches to effectively support and empower youth of color, creating a nurturing environment that celebrates their identities and promotes their overall well-being.

Institutional Track


Every Young Person is Powerful:

Shifting the Narrative on

Youth Well-Being

"Every Young Person is Powerful: Shifting the Narrative on Youth Well-Being" is a workshop presented by the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP). Join us as we explore innovative strategies for reframing and building a culturally responsive narrative around youth mental health and well-being, of which youth voice is essential. Learn how CLASP’s youth team frames healing-centered mental health and about the youth initiative, A New Deal for Youth. Participate in an interactive discussion to learn how to engage youth while challenging stigma, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for policies that support the holistic well-being of our young people. 


It Takes a Village: How the "Right Help, Right Now" Plan Can Best Meet Community Needs

"It Takes a Village: How the 'Right Help, Right Now' Plan Can Best Meet Community Needs" is an engaging workshop facilitated by a knowledgeable panel of mental health professionals and community partners. Explore effective strategies and collaborative approaches to successfully implement the "Right Help, Right Now" plan, addressing the unique mental health needs of our youth and communities. Gain practical insights and actionable steps to create a supportive environment where individuals can access timely and appropriate mental health support.



Thriving Learners: Lessons from School-Based Mental Health Supports for Children and Youth

"Thriving Learners: Lessons from School-Based Mental Health Supports for Children and Youth" is a transformative workshop led by a panel of experienced school-based mental health professionals sharing lessons from the field. Gain valuable insights into the necessary frameworks and support required to elevate the implementation of mental health services in schools, enabling students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.


Stable Housing, Thriving Families: Housing as a Social Driver of Youth Mental Health

"Stable Housing, Thriving Families: Housing as a Social Driver of Youth Mental Health" is an enlightening workshop featuring a panel of housing experts. Join us as they discuss and share insights on how housing systems can actively promote mental health and wellness by fostering stability. Gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to leverage housing as a social driver for supporting the mental well-being of youth and families, ultimately creating healthier and thriving communities.

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